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LiteracyPlanet encourages a love of literacy - we have a positive vision for our children’s future. We are passionate about creating fun literacy activities that students love to play.

LiteracyPlanet is available on the FrogStore, Malaysia’s biggest online teaching and learning marketplace for every teacher’s and student’s educational needs, where you can find a wealth of learning tools and resources, including devices, apps, e- books, media, sites and more.

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Last year, students across Australia created over 2.7 million minutes of literacy play in the 2013 Word Mania Australia Challenge.

As partners of LiteracyPlanet and Word Mania, FrogAsia decided to bring this competition to Malaysian shores so that you don't miss out on the fun!

This year, we have set a goal that will see Word Maniacs reaching for the stars. We want to take you to the moon and back!

So, how does it work?

Every game you play, powers a rocket through space. How far does the rocket need to travel? Around the moon and back - 768, 800 kilometres! That’s about three million games of Word Mania. Of course, you will need to avoid meteorites, black holes and misspelled words to win the race into space!

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Word Mania is just one of the many fun games in LiteracyPlanet

Help your child master the English language and secure a brighter future with a subscription to LiteracyPlanet.

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